Creating an Abstract for a Medical Research Paper


Creating an Abstract for a Medical Research Paper

Abstract are considered to be the backbone of research papers and serve the purpose of engaging the audience. Many medical papers have even rejected due to a weak abstract even if the rest of the research is strong.

A good abstract has to be brief but covers all valid points and should increase the comprehension of the reader. The abstract should give the scope of the medical research, methods of data collection and analysis, the results and implications of the study etc.

Take a look at how to create an effective abstract for your medical research paper.

Before starting on your clinical research, make sure you understand all the requirements for the journal where you expect to get your paper published. Many journals place a special emphasis on the abstract of a paper; make sure you follow all the criteria exactly as the medical journal described.

Make sure that you study and review the relevant articles and researches that are already published in the journals and compare their chapters with your paper’s components. Take a note of what type of language is being used in these articles, their writing style and their main keywords. You can use these articles as template for your own clinical research paper.

When writing an abstract, do not try to be very specific; the first few drafts of the abstract will be written by hand and need be refined. You can use bold letters for main keywords and this can help you get focus on what to include in your final abstract.

Ensure that your abstract includes all the key elements of your clinical research service like the purpose, methodology and the results of the paper. You can also cheek out the guidelines on how to write journal abstracts.

It is important that you use the active voice rather than the passive voice in a journal. For example, you can say that “the clinical research services professionals suggested that…” rather than “it was suggested by the clinical research services professionals that…” when using acronyms and abbreviation make sure you define them the first time you use them. It is not advisable that you use too many acronyms in your research paper as it reduces comprehension.

Make sure you get help from your colleagues or even medical editing services professionals for feedback and reviews. When creating the abstract, do not start worrying about the exact number of words beforehand. You can edit the abstract later when you have gained your focus.


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