Medical Writing for Biometric Companies


Biometrics medical writing is an essential part of organizations that offer biometric solutions to biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device and equipment companies. Some of the major biometric medical writing services consist of clinical research writing, regulatory writing, scientific communications, clinical study report and creation of survey reports and SOPs. Biometric Statistical Analysis aids organizations in their statistical requirements right from the clinical planning and development phase, clinical trials and then the approved stage. These biometric writing services help facilitate scientists, trainer, and professionals on a variety of topics like statistical models of biometric experiments and applications, statistical methodology, data monitoring, experimental designs and even advisory and regulatory discussions or orientations.

Biometrics medical writers work in association with clinical and statistical counterparts to create SOPs, protocols, white papers and clinical study reports and other publications. A key aspects of these companies is their strict quality assurance checks and medical proofreading processes to make sure that client has the highest level of quality in his documents. Every project form the client is created by a team of biometrics writers and statisticians who are responsible for the writing process. There are also phases that require communicating the plans to the sponsors and getting their approval. The biometrics team also has to ensure that it has sufficient therapeutic experience and required documentations to satisfactorily fulfill clients’ requirements. It is also very important that biomedical writers have sufficient understanding of the subject to ensure meaningful discussion on the subject matter with the experts.

Biomedical writing also comprises of documentation of narratives of adverse events, patient consent forms, escalation reviews that are from a biotech or pharmaceutical company point of view are very sensitive and critical to be handled without the proper expertise of a medical writing service. Biometrics statistical analyses also demand that statisticians be trained extensively and should have knowledge about the industry and its policies like Good Clinical Practices, ICH Standards, 21 CFR, statistical methods and programming skills.

Some of the major challenges that a biometric medical writing service encounters are the understanding of various foreign country policies as regards to biometrics and understanding and accepting the fact that every country has a different regulatory framework. The biometrics, pharmaceutical and medical device industry require very high quality data management, superior stats results and expert medical writing and proofreading services. In essence, the biometrics services require the right people with the right expertise placed in the right parts of the world.


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